DKMF Overview

Hope's Story:

Hope was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss when she was 18 months old. At age 2 she was fitted with hearing aids. Soon after she was enrolled at the Ohio Valley Voices School. Based on a recommendation by the school's ENT and Audiologist Hope's parents decided to let doctors implant a Nucleus Freedom Contour cochlear implant in her right ear. About a month later she was fitted with the Freedom Speech Processor. She continued to wear the hearing aid in her left ear. Improvements to Hope's hearing and ability to talk started to become apparent, but her parents were informed that it could take up to a year to get all the settings correct related to the new devices. During that period her parents were looking into upgrading the hearing aid in her left ear and also researching an fm transmitter that would increase the quality of sound in booth indoor and outdoor settings. Unfortunately, insurance denied both items. To make matters worse, it was discovered around this same time that Hope's cochlear implant started to migrate. It was determined that the expensive surgery that Hope initially went through had to be preformed again. I am sure you can imagine her parents’ anguish and frustration imaging the idea of their little girl going through this surgery a second time not to mention dealing with all the expenses.

After hearing this story and reviewing Hope's application, it was decided she was the perfect canidate to recieve the first ever grant from the Don kline Memorial Fund. Please read the thank you letter below from her parents. It sounds as if the surgery went well and her condition is improving. On behalf of Hope and the Don Kline Memorial Fund, thank you all for your continued support.

Thank you letter from Hope's parents:

We want to thank the Don Kline Memorial Fund for their generous grant that supported the upgraded hearing aid, FM system and some medical bills for our daughter. Her new implant surgery went well and she is improving better than before. 'The updated hearing aid has improved the sounds through her left ear. The FM system has a lot of bells, and whistles that we are still trying to figure out. It is nice to be able to wear when we want to work one on one with her. She also thinks the FM is fun because we can be in the other room (where she can not see us) and she can hear what we say. We are excited to try the FM this spring when she is on the soccer field. It will help her focus on what is being said. and knock out a lot of the background noise. We are grateful for all the support we have through our family, school and friends. It takes the hearts of caring people to offer such support. The fund has definitely put Hope in a better position due to the improvement of her devices. We want to give a special thanks to all that is involved in raising the money for the Don Kline Memorial Fund and hope that you keep, contributing to the children that are in need. A small donation can go a long way in changing ones future.


Dan and Laura